"Give Peace A Chance" is a 15 minute documentary about the long hidden document of the formerly classified minutes from the San Remo Peace Conference of April 1920 which still defines the legal rights under international law of the Jews as well as the Arabs.


Real peace between Israel and the Arab Palestinians can only be reached by respecting historical facts and legal foundations.


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Foundations of the International

Legal Rights of the

Jewish People & the State of Israel


by Dr Cynthia Day Wallace



At a time when the legitimacy of the State of Israel is being increasingly challenged, it is of utmost importance to study not only the biblical but also the legal foundations of the Jewish State according to international law.


In her book, Dr Wallace helps us understand the most central facts in the long and complex conflict in the Middle East and the legal evolution that has led to the reconstitution of the ancient Land of Israel.


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This 5-page Executive Summary should be read by diplomats, journalists and decision makers as they deliberate on the pressing issue of our time.